Afterwork Hotel night roomAfterwork Hotel night room


Conscious of today's environmental and social challenges, we believe that consistency in our actions is our strength in moving towards a more sustainable world!

Our commitments

We're delighted to be part of the Swisstainable sustainability program and to be working with you all towards sustainable development.

We are Swisstainable

We are part of the Swisstainable sustainability program and are classified as Level II - engaged. The Swisstainable sustainability program brings together establishments and organizations from across the Swiss tourism sector. By participating, we commit ourselves to the ongoing sustainable development of our establishment, implement measures in the field of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism.


We use no fossil fuels

Our roofs are covered with photovoltaic panels. Monitor our production live:Dashboard solar panel production

The remainder of our energy consumption is supplied by SEFA with regional and Swiss hydroelectric power.

All our rooms, offices and public areas are equipped with energy-saving light bulbs (LED).

Heating and air conditioning only work with the window closed.


We have joined the @EcoCook certification program in order to assess our level of sustainability, to improve it rapidly, and to guarantee our good sustainable practices and our commitment to the health of people and the planet.

Less waste

‍Recycling: We selectively sort our waste (paper, glass, metal, PET, washing, toner, batteries, ....). They are then recycled.

Promotion of tap water quality and use of water kettles instead of PET bottles. Our guests are provided with a carafe in their room.
Part of Etoy's drinking water supply comes from the Jotterand spring.

Cleaning - Hotel for Trees

Did you know that 40% of all guests staying in this room have planted a tree for free?
YOU CAN TOO! How? It's easy! By hanging this sign outside your room before midnight and avoiding cleaning the room the next day. In exchange, ONE TREE will be planted in your name!
Some customers have even planted several trees during the same stay! But not on the day of departure, of course.....
Would you like to find out more about this initiative or see the results so far?
Please plant a TREE for FREE too!


Parking: 2 PMR parking spaces next to the entrance.
Entrance hall: accessible from the parking lot (no obstacles or steps!), spacious, access to elevators.
Elevators: all elevators are equipped with Braille buttons, door opening/closing announcements and a voice announcing the floor we are on for the visually impaired. Access to the room buildings: ground level on a beautiful wooden structure.
Rooms: the entrance to the room is 90cm (measured on site). The toilet is adapted 46cm high + bar on each side. The door opens to 80cm (possible for an electric wheelchair) and can be opened from both sides, so you don't get trapped inside. The shower seat is foldable and recessed into the wall, with bars on either side.
There's also a pool table at PRM height.

More information on the Pro Infirmis page: Hotel - Restaurant

‍Oursocial commitment

  • Equal pay for men and women doing work of equal value
  • We renounce intermediary and on-demand work that endangers workers or does not respect the CCNT.
  • Responsibility: flat hierarchies to motivate employees to take on more responsibility. We believe that customers and employees will be happier if everyone enjoys maximum self-determination.